So, to people who read this: yes, I realise I’m a bit late to just be beginning my blogging rants about the new season, but I’m catching up!

Here are my strongest reactions when I discovered the teams that would race again:

YAS! Margie and Luke, and Jaime and Cara!

Aww I guess Amanda and Kris deserve a second chance.

Kisha and Jen? Uh-oh, I sense some potential friction between the teams and my favourites Margie and Luke!

Mel and Mike, another S14er? Meh.

Aww no! NOT THE GLOBETROTTERS! (Believe it or not, I am unashamedly and indefinitely not a fan of FT and BE. Even their names are a pain to write down!)

Hooray for Gary and Mallory! She’s so adorable.

Kent and Vyxsin, Ronald and Christina, Jet and Cord, and Zev and Justin. I liked all these teams in their original seasons but I didn’t have massive reactions to them. Instead, I felt a little let down there was no Toni and Dallas (passport losers like Zev and Justin) or Brook and Claire (gotta love the Brook and Claire flair). All the same, I felt it was a decent line up, even if the inclusion of 5 S14 teams has so far yet to do anything special for this season.

The Globetrotters are definitely proving to be a threat, and while I respect their decent placements, I do worry that they will trump all my favourites to win the whole thing. Had it not been for Big Easy’s horrendous performance on the “Franz” Roadblock, they could have taken the whole thing in S15.

I’ll probably be writing a blog for every episode from now on, probably a day or two after it is aired in the states. Sadly, I’m a neglected Brit who has to suffer the frustration of knowing it has been aired, yet being unable to watch it for - at best - a few hours.

Plenty of opinions and stuff coming soon!